Joint-stock company «UNITI» was founded in 1995, the 22nd of December.


Since 2003, the company specializes in the development, production and supply of modern testing systems for  inspection and testing of primary and secondary (with additional devices) electrical equipment in the power industry, transport companies, oil and gas, metallurgical, chemical, mining and in the other power-consuming industries on the projects with 0,38-750 kV.

  Application field: manual and automated test and setup of all generations of RZA (relay protection and automation) equipment, starting from simple relay, electromechanical panels, finishing by complex microprocessor-based protections of all manufacturers.


The main consumers are the enterprises such as "Ukrenergo", "Energatom" (nuclear power-station), "Ukrzaliznytsia", "Naftogaz Ukraine", storage plants, thermal power-stations, heat-electropower stations, Oblenergo, power-consuming factories and enterprises, all the major domestic manufacturers of relay protection and emergency automation, power enterprises.


Today, there are near 300 UNITI production testing systems are in service on the objects of Ministry of Energy of Ukraine to ensure safe energy system performance.


The equipment also operates in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.


The company's products underwent the examination of the Ministry of Energy. They have next technical specifications:


  • TU U 30.0-23465204 -001:2006,
  • TU U 26.5-23465204 - 002:2015,
  • TU U 27.1-23465204 - 004:2015, 



Patents for equipment and trade mark


Each product is certified by State Standard of Ukraine, having high specifications and contemporary design, corresponding to ever-growing customer demand.


“UNITI” goals:

  • Clear and efficient implementation of the plan to expand production
  • Ensure timely delivery, maintenance and repair of the products
  • Attention to customers' wishes
  • Partnership with all consumers 


The company "UNITY" will be grateful for any comments and suggestions at any stage – before, during or after product elaboration and delivery.


We invite you to business cooperation, become our partner!